Seeking Ways to make Life Easier, More Productive, More Enjoyable and much More Interesting!
Do you know what's great about DIY projects?  Everything! When you build things with your own hands, and design things yourself; you can then choose projects that suit your personal tastes.  And that is what I try to cover here at  DIY, Do It Yourself & enjoy!
This website will be converted to a Open Forum for Multiple Topics which will be growing in subjects over time....
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Over the next two or three weeks I will be building on the new open forum for 1776.  It will be a multiple topic open forum. It will use a simple CAPTCHA security system that will be using a case sensitive pass code to keep the web bots out.

The number of topics will increase over time.  There will be no registration. It will be open and it will be free. You will be able to hide your       e-mail address if you wish.  You will be able to post your website or someone else's website within your message post.

You can post up to 10,000 characters (including spaces) per message.

The server is in New York, and protected by the 1st. Amendment of the United States for freedom of speech. I will respectfully request that you stay on topic under each topic, and please be nice to one another.